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Acrylate polymers

Using the polymerization technology that is the strength of Shin Nakamura Chemical, we manufacture polymers (solutions) with molecular weights in the order of tens of thousands. Furthermore, by adding acrylic groups, the company also manufactures photo curable resins with the characteristic of reacting to UV rays and heat and hardening. Photo curable resins are expanding into a variety of areas as semiconductor device resist materials and high molecular polymers for use in electronic materials.


Shin Nakamura Chemical combines all sorts of additives to the acrylic emulsions that are the basic technology of the company to provide products suitable for various areas such as printing and other textile processing, as well as back coating agents for automobiles.

category Applications Product Name Characteristics
Resins for
textile processing
Pigment fixing
agent for printing
NK Binder AS series For cotton towels
NK Binder M series For general purposes, cotton and synthetics
NK Binder P series For pigment plain dyeing.Impregnation processing
Printing agents
for general printing
NK Couper A series For pigment printing.(Clear) Non-formalin
NK Couper ES series For pigment printing.(Clear) Good for synthetic fibers and polyester fibers
NK Couper EX, HC series For pigment printing.(Clear) EX is for cotton towels .HC is for Japanese towels
NK Couper BR series For pigment printing. For polyester flags, etc.Good-coloring.
Orient Paste MAT series Printing agents for special powder compounds. (Mats)Non-formalin
Orient Paste S series Printing agents for special powder compounds.(Mats)
White Paste AS, RD series Printing agents for white pigment printing
White Paste RL series Printing agents for white pigment printing. Non-formalin
For rubber
adjusted printing
Various series with NK Couper (clear), orient paste (mats) and white paste product names.
EL series For hand screens. Non-formalin
NR series For hand screens. Workability improvement.Non-formalin
SR series For turntables.Half-rubber adjusted printing. Soft type.Non-formalin
TSK series For turntables.Half-rubber adjusted printing.Non-formalin
For special printing Pearl Paste Pearl pigment compound printing agents
NK Sky Resin Hot foam type printing agents
NK Neo Resin Printing agents for thermal transfer
Metallc Binder Printing agents for gold and silver powder
SP Resin Special resin compound printing agents
Viscon Emulsification thickening agents (for turpentine emulsion paste agents) or thickening agents
NK Faster Cross-linking agents
Backing agent
for automobiles
Newcoat CMseries Non-flame resistant type
Newcoat NFseries Flame resistant type (halogen/non-halogen)
Slip resistance
processing agent
Newcoat Bseries Non-foaming type.Non-formalin
Newcoat FRMseries Machine foaming type.Non-formalin
Coatings Coating for
Concrete molded products
Clearcoat U-808 Cement product colouring.Top clear

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