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Acrylate polymers

Using the polymerization technology that is the strength of Shin Nakamura Chemical, we manufacture polymers (solutions) with molecular weights in the order of tens of thousands. Furthermore, by adding acrylic groups, the company also manufactures photo curable resins with the characteristic of reacting to UV rays and heat and hardening. Photo curable resins are expanding into a variety of areas as semiconductor device resist materials and high molecular polymers for use in electronic materials.


These are products with molecular weights in the order of tens of thousands to two million, made by emulsifying acrylate monomers with water using a surface activating agent. Our emulsions are also attracting attention as environmentally-friendly products because we use water rather than solvents as the medium.
Typical applications include coatings for use in construction, adhesives, paper coating materials and textile adhesives.

category Applications Product Name Characteristics
Resins for
textile processing
For printing Vanatex M,NW series Base resins suited for general printing
For rubber
adjusted printing
Bestex RB series High concentration type. Non-formalin
For hard finishing Vanatex HG-9HN With calming agent applications. Non-formalin
Bestex HCR-120 With elastic repulsion, flexibility. Non-formalin
anti-wrinkling agents
Plaster EH Permanent type. Adhesive anti-wrinkling agents. Non-formalin
For coating Newcoat FH series Soft texture. Non-formalin
(For backing) Newcoat K series High strength type. Non-formalin
Newcoat 9000 series For formation of nonwoven fabrics.Burning retardancy. Non-formalin
Resins for coating/
construction materials
For mortar mixing Newcoat K-6200HN Good mortar mixing characteristics.Water resistance improvement
Resins for
paper processing/
Binders for
paper processing
Newcoat PV series Paper liner filler agents. Non-formalin
Newcoat MT series Moisture prevention processing agents.Impregnation processing.Paper strengthening.Good machine stability
Newcoat SFK series Moisture prevention processing agents.Impregnation processing.Paper strengthening.Soap free
Newcoat HA-402 Release agents.Heavy abrasion type
Newcoat PX-0604 Pigment fixing agents.For coloured paper. Non-formalin
Newcoat UVA-204W Water resistance improvement.High copolymerization rate with UVA absorption agents .Blend use
Antistatic agents EL Polymer WS series Low humidity dependence.Blend use possible
Simple adhesion
NK Polymer MK series Film anchor agent.Good wettability.Process PE.
Thickening agents Alkali thickening type Vanasol K,KB series Compound product thickening/viscosity adjustment agents

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