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Photo curable monomers/oligomers

Shin Nakamura Chemical synthesizes acrylate monomers with various different characteristics depending on the type of alcohol used. We also take into account factors such as the ease of handling the product, matched to the application, and produce a great variety of products with controlled properties and molecular weights speedily and from small batch sizes. The main applications include electronic materials, UV inks, coating materials and molding materials.
In addition, we also handle the supply of photo curable oligomers such as urethane acrylates and epoxy acrylates, products that perform well in electronics, electrical and optical material applications.

Multifunctional methacrylates
Product name Chemical name/Structural foumula/Comments External appearance and
TMPT Trimethylol Propane Trimethacrylate
External appearance:Light yellow transparent liquid
Molecular weight:338
Colour number:30(APHA)
Specific gravity:1.065(25°C)
Refractive index:1.471
Polymerization inhibiting agents:60(MEHQppm)
MITI No.:2-1062