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Shin Nakamura Chemical uses in-house technology to develop high value-added products.

Acrylate esters with a variety of properties can be obtained based on the wide range of different alcohols used as raw materials. Acrylate esters are substances that enable the acquisition of a wide range of characteristics such as flexibility, hardness, elasticity, retractility, water solubility and adhesion, etc, by hardening using UV rays or heat. We respond flexibly to the various requests of customers and contribute to society by creating new high value-added products in-house based on the synthesis and polymerization control technology that we have cultivated within the company.

Shin Nakamura Chemical participates in industry-academia-government joint research to match the seeds of university research and market needs

Shin Nakamura Chemical also works positively on cutting-edge themes that have not yet been commercialized and participates in cooperative promotion projects between industry, academia and government. Through such activities, the company contributes to matching the cutting-edge seeds of university research owned by universities and publicly run experimental research facilities with market needs.

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  • Rotary Evaporator

  • Gas Chromatography

  • Thermal Analysis Equipment