Privacy policy

Shin-Nakamura Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is conscious of the importance of personal information and has established a privacy policy as follows in order to protect personal information.

  1. If the Company receives personal information, it will inform the customer of the purpose of use of that information and will use the personal information within the bounds of the purpose agreed upon.
  2. Excluding the following cases, the Company shall neither provide nor disclose the personal information of a customer to a third party without obtaining the agreement of the customer.
    1. Cases in which the Company contracts work to a cooperating company for the abovementioned purpose of use (The Company shall take measures in regard to the cooperating company in question so that sufficient controls are put in place and personal information is not used for anything other than the agreed purpose of use.)
    2. Cases in which, based on the law, the Company has to cooperate with an institution such as a public organization of the state or local authority or a person contracted by the same executing work stipulated in law
    3. Cases in which the provision or disclosure of personal information is required in order to protect life, personal safety or property and it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the customer
  3. If a customer wants to refer to his or her own personal information, and the Company receives a communication using the inquiries form provided on this website, the Company shall respond appropriately.
  4. The Company shall adopt personal information protection measures appropriate and reasonable from the perspective of technology and management and store personal information safely so that there is no unauthorized access to, or loss, falsification or leakage of personal information. In addition, the Company shall store personal information for the period that the Company judges necessary.
  5. The Company shall observe all related laws and other regulations and strive for the continuous improvement and expansion of efforts towards the protection of personal information in accordance with changes in the social environment.