Company information

Company overview

Company name Shin Nakamura Chemical Co., Ltd.
Representative Kensuke Nakamura, President and Representative Director
Head Office 687 Arimoto, Wakayama, 640-8390
Office Wakayama Plant / Fukui Plant / Tokyo Branch / Osaka Branch / Nagoya Branch /Nantong Shin-Nakamura Chemical Co.,Ltd(Shanghai Branch)
Foundation 1938
Establishment 1970
Capital \100 million
Number of
202 (as of February 2018)
Average age 40
Description of
Production and sales of self-developed acrylic monomers and polymers


August 1938
Establishment of Nakamura Chemical Laboratory
Founder: Yajiro Nakamura
Address: 2-chome Hirose Nakano-cho, Wakayama
August 1948
Establishment of Nakamura Chemical Co., Ltd.
Capital: \200,000
Representative: Yajiro Nakamura
Address: 684 Arimoto, Wakayama
October 1970
Re-incorporation as Shin Nakamura Chemical Co., Ltd.
Capital: \50 million
Representative: Yajiro Nakamura
July 1981
Commencement of QC circle activities/formation of 16 circles
December 1983
Appointment of Masahiko Nakamura as President and Representative Director
June 1986
Completion of Fukui Factory (Technoport Fukui)
Manufactured products: Installation of production facilities dedicated to NK Esters
December 1989
Capital increased to \180 million
December 1996
Acquisition of ISO9001 certification
December 2001
Acquisition of ISO14001 certification (Fukui Factory)
November 2003
Establishment of Shanghai Office
December 2004
Acquisition of ISO14001 certification (Company-wide)
October 2005
Establishment of Shin-Nakamura Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
April 2006
Selected as one of the "Top 300 vibrant small and medium-sized manufacturing companies"
(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
August 2008
Capital increased to \200 million; installation of wind power electricity generation facilities (Head Office)
September 2009
Appointment of Kensuke Nakamura as President and Representative Director
November 2009
Received "43th Corporate Excellence Prize of Good Company Award "
(The Medium and Small Business Research Institute)
December 2009
Installation of photovoltaic power generation system (Head Office)
February 2012
Establishment of Nantong Shin-Nakamura Chemical Co., Ltd.
January 2015
Acquisition of ISO9001 certification (Nantong Shin-Nakamura Chemical Co., Ltd.)
June 2016
Establishment of Nantong Shin-Nakamura Chemical Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Branch